Let’s Go Kickass Today with Anna Neale, Jane Perrone and Virginia Mendez

A monthly podcast talking to inspirational people from the fields of Music, Adventure and Culture. In this episode it is all about love, love for what you do. I interview the multi talented Anna Neale, who is a singer, songwriter, session vocalist, producer (the list goes on) about working for 20 years in the music industry and the advice she has for new people starting out. I also interview gardening and plant journalist, author and podcaster of the “On The Ledge” podcast Jane Perrone, about her love for all things green and she rates my plants too! Finally, I chat to Virginia Mendez, co-founder of The Feminist Shop, speaker, author, and gender equality champion about feminism, The Feminist Shop and launching your own business.

I chat to Anna Neale at 2 minutes into the audio, Jane Perrone at 23 minutes into the audio, and Virginia Mendez, 46 minutes in.

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