Let’s Go Kickass Today with Sonia Watson, Kate Rawles and Alexis Strum

A monthly podcast talking to inspirational people from the fields of Music, Adventure and Culture. For International Women’s Month, I interview presenter and journalist Sonia Watson about how she got to where she is now, how the radio industry has developed over the years with some career advice, how she juggles being a full time Mum and her career, as well as what she loves about Essex. I also interview adventurer, environmentalist, author and cyclist Kate Rawles about cycling across vast countries and landscapes, her bamboo bike “Woody”, and the need for conservation. I also interview comedian, actress, writer and activist Alexis Strum about being a “sort of popstar”, what it is like being a woman in comedy, and surviving domestic abuse.

I interview Sonia Watson 1 minute in, Kate Rawles 22 minutes in, and Alexis Strum 42 minutes into the podcast.

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