Life’s Second Chances

I researched and produced an hour long special dedicated to having a “A Second Chance at Life” for BBC Essex. Due to its powerful message, a part of the audio will now be networked titled Life’s Second Chances” and aired on all 39 BBC local radio stations between 10-11am and 6-7pm on Easter Sunday with other survivors sharing their stories.

Wendy Cole and Alan Mitchell, both from Essex, were treated for coronavirus at Broomfield hospital in April last year. They were both put in ventilators and their families thought in those moments, it would be the last time they would ever see them again.

In an open and honest conversation, they meet each other and share their similar experiences of what it was like being in ITU, their long recovery, their small daily challenges, and being able to have, a second chance at life.

Thank you to Wendy and Alan for being an absolute delight to work with, Lou for the commission, and Matt and Owen for helping me record from home and John and Chris who put it all together.

Alan and his family, full copyright to Alan Mitchell
Wendy and her partner Nigel, full copyright Wendy Cole