Let’s Go Kickass Today with Acantha Lang, Lisa Francesca Nand and Itte Hossain

A monthly podcast talking to inspirational people from the fields of Music, Adventure and Culture. In the final episode of series 2 (20 episodes and 60 interviews later!), I chat to soul and blues singer Acantha Lang, about how growing up in New Orleans influenced her music, starting out in Harlem, moving to London, and being an independent artist releasing new music in lockdown. I highly recommend checking out her latest singles, “He said/she said”, “Lois Lang”, and “Whatever happened to our love”. You can click on her website here.

I also interview broadcaster, journalist, podcast host of “The Big Travel Podcast”, and documentary maker, Lisa Francesca Nand, about changing her career to be a journalist, what life is like growing up in Spain, how she flourished on air and as a travel journalist, her powerful documentary about miscarriages from her own experiences, and her own travel podcast, and how it has opened more doors in the podcast world.

Finally, I interview videographer, video editor, and documentary maker Itte Hossain, about why he fell in love with the medium, his varied career of grafting and how it has shaped him, how to navigate freelance life, and his film, “Self Isolation Together which he filmed and edited in the first lockdown back in March 2020. 

I chat to Acantha Lang 2 minutes in, Lisa Francesca Nand at 23 minutes in, and Itte Hossain 50 minutes in.

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