Girls Night In: Guernsey

As reports of spiking hit the headlines all over the UK, thousands of women across the nation started to speak out about experiencing harassment, sexual assault, and in some cases, spiking, on nights out with friends. As a women, unfortunately, statistics are high when it comes to just how many women have experienced any of the above.

Women decided to form a protest in solidarity, to spread awareness of this issue and to instigate change. In the UK, campaigns were produced called “Girl’s Night In”, where women for one night chose to stay at home with their friends, rather than go out. The event took place across major cities in the UK.

A few weeks later, Guernsey followed suit. Whilst I was producing the Saturday Breakfast show for BBC Guernsey, I put together and edited audio which reflected the organisers of the campaign in Guernsey, Alex Locke from a local night club, Fusion, and a live interview with Deputy, Gavin St Pier calling for change. Since the live interview with the Deputy on the Saturday Breakfast show, I am pleased to say change has already been made and conversations in the States of Guernsey have already pushed for further action, whilst Guernsey Police have launched their own campaign, encouraging islanders to report anything they see.

I put together a radio package as a round up of the Saturday Breakfast show, it was played out on both stations, BBC Radio Guernsey and BBC Radio Jersey.

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