Discrimination in Guernsey for BBC Radio Guernsey

After speaking to a number of staff who work in hospitality, I found one individual who would speak up about how they feel they are being treated by customers and employers on the island of Guernsey. In this exclusive, case study led interview, I interview someone I name “Frederick” to hide his identity, about how he feels staff are being treated on the island, why hospitality staff don’t stay on the island, and in some cases, his feelings of discrimination.

It led to be lead story for the BBC Radio Guernsey Breakfast show where I organised live guests to come on the programme and respond to the interview. Unfortunately, Jill Clark who specialises in customer service, Blessing Mutamba who used to work in hospitality in Guernsey and Jenny Clark, owner of The Kiln Cafe where they have experienced racist comments, all agreed with Frederick’s interview.

Thank you to “Frederick” for trusting me with your story. This is why I work as a journalist, to give people like you Frederick, a voice.

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