Dating in a Pandemic Part II

The last time I spoke about my dating life – or rather, I shared my experiences of dating in a pandemic online, I was featured in Stylist magazine. I focused on the highs and lows of online dating, the benefits it could bring; like fine dining in the warmth of your own home and not having to commute from some edgy South East London pub, which has comfortable decor and a roaring fire, but less then convenient travel connections. I shared about the ease of being able to ask confidently to video call someone before attending a date, to filter out the individuals who don’t respect your boundaries, don’t look like their pictures, and are lacking in stimulating conversation. Back in October in 2020, I saved myself a few evenings of in person dates because of this exact manoeuvre.

Fast forward 15 months, and dating in a pandemic has changed somewhat, especially now that I live in a new city and new country. Swapping London with St Peter Port in Guernsey, the number of cases of coronavirus are much less, due to the number of people on island. Now that most people I match with are vaccinated (sorry, but I will only be dating those that are) and more people are getting comfortable – or should I say bored of this virus, dating has progressed to traditional dating, as in meeting someone face to face.

I have many extraordinary dating stories which I will wait and share in my book one day – but the lesson I have learnt previously remains embedded in all my decisions. That standard of self respect, self worth, and self love. I shared my thoughts this time, for Refinery29, read it here.

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