Witness History: the nightclub that changed Ibiza

After going to Ibiza myself when I was 18 and watching Swedish House Mafia play at the all mighty Pacha, I have since been entranced by the island and its beauty, wanting to go back to explore more of its dancefloors, but also more of the island; the quiet beaches and hippie markets, the holistic natural side of the island which people fall in love with.

Inspired by my experience, I produced and presented a mini documentary for the history programme, “Witness History”, focusing on the birth of Ibiza’s nightlife and how it has ebbed and flowed over the years, to this present moment. I interviewed party organiser and former PR expert Carlos Martorell on what life was like on the island in the 60s and 70s to now, as well as Dutch hippie, Francis Van Orden, who was also there at the same time.

My programme of “the nightclub that changed Ibiza” was broadcast on the BBC World Service a number of times and can be listened on BBC Sounds. It was a multi platform piece, thus a digital video was created and show on the BBC Witness History web page and on BBC World.

The radio programme was the 7th most downloaded programme out of the 27 programmes which were broadcast that month for Witness History. The video was shared on BBC World Service, BBC World and BBC Radio Current Affairs on Twitter, and retweeted by BBC Radio One, shared on Facebook by the BBC World Service and BBC One, and shared on Instagram on the BBC World Service page. The story ammased thousands of viewers and was also supported by 6 Music and El Mundo.

My programme also led the History Hour, a compilation of Witness History programmes from the week, presented by Max Pearson. I introduced my piece and the iconic DJ Annie Nightingale was interviewed on the subject of the growth of Ibiza.