BBC Radio Four: Four Thought

Four Thought is a series of thought provoking talks where speakers air their thoughts on particular issues, areas of concern, or interest, which reflect modern society. I was given the task to find four individuals with powerful stories to share, which would engage new audiences and ask questions that haven’t been posed before.

It was the first time ever Four Thought was being produced and edited from Media City up in Salford, and I produced and edited the programmes for both BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds. The programme is listened to by 1.1 million people.

I enjoyed working on Four Thought as it gave me the opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of people; from reality TV stars to crime writers, to get to know them, their passions, and their lives. Working together writing and editing a script that was editorially sound, as well as working on their delivery style of the talk (which being a drama teacher and workshop facilitator in a previous career life came in handy), and practicising that talk together, unearthed a moment of pride for me, to see all contributors from their first draft of the talk and the first time they spoke it aloud, to the finished product was quite a journey and one they all flourished in.

Here are the talks:

Reality TV star Malin Andersson on Reality TV:

Crime writer Amit Dhand on integration and the city of Bradford:

Confidence Coach Lizi Jackson-Barrett on alopecia and how beauty and self worth are intertwined:

Care leaver Kasmira Kincaid on the education system: