Producing Outside In

I recently co-produced a programme called “Outside In”, which is a collaboration between the BBC and Prison Radio Association. What interested me to get involved in this opportuntity was that in the past, I have worked with Z Arts and TiPP, faciltating drama workshops in prison, and I saw how beneficial it was to inspire creativity and encourage independent thinking with offenders, and so I wanted to do something similar, but this time with my professional radio production experience.

The format of the programme is simple, two presenters and three guests, all of whom are offenders, each with individual sections of the programme talking about their experiences of leaving prison and navigating the justice system, with music chosen by the individuals too. The content of the programme needs to be inspirational and uplifting, and we did just that.

It was the first time the programme was produced and recorded in Salford and we decided to push ourselves even further, by putting together a female only programme. Statistically, more men are sent to prison and so this episode was interesting to shine a light on the perspective of women who have been in prison from the North West. The programme is broadcast only in prisons, not at all on the BBC, and due to the nature and sensitivity of the content, I have not kept any of the programme for my own use either.

What I can say, is that it was a privilege to work on such a programme and the guests gave me goosebumps talking about their recovery journey and their new chapter in life. It also gives me great happiness that my choice of song – Tina Turner, The Best, will be played in prisons up and down the country.