Mongol Rally: Racing in one of the greatest roadtrips on earth for Sporting Witness

As a sucker for adventure and travel, I’ve always heard about this epic road trip that slightly bonkers people do in small vehicles across the vastness of Europe all in pursuit of a challenge and a sense of adventure experiencing an unforgettable journey, called, the Mongol Rally.

I wanted to shine a light on this wacky adventure which brings people from different countries together, and so I produced and presented programme for Sporting Witness for the BBC World Service on the challenge.

In 2004 the Mongol Rally was created; a global road trip where drivers race over 16,000 km from England to Mongolia. There’s no set route and you have to use a car with a tiny engine.

A year later it was introduced to the wider world for the first time and Richard Birch from England took on the challenge with his friends, all in an old Fiat Panda.

You can listen to the programme below: