The Nazi Occupation of Jersey for Witness History

Whilst I was living in the Channel Islands, I was taken aback by the history that was embedded into the landscape of the islands, the remanants of World War II that jutted out on the horizon, or covered in moss on the beach whilst school children soaked up warm rays of sunshine beside it, or abandoned look out towers filled with graffiti and wasp nests.

When working for Witness History for the BBC World Service, I worked with my editor to find and tell a story that would highlight the Channel Islands role in World War II, the only British territory to have been occupied by the Nazis.

In this programme, I speak to Jenny Lecoat, great niece of Louisa Gould, a shopkeeper who risked her life to hide a Russian prisoner of War during the Nazi occupation of Jersey. Jenny went onto to write a successful screen play called “Another Mother’s Son” based on the story – starring Ronan Keating.

You can listen to the programme below: