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– Media & Creative Arts Storyteller, Adventure Aficionado, Lover of The World-

Brought up in the Middle East, Vicky is open to new cultures and experiences which is highlighted consistently throughout her work. With a background shaped in the creative arts, Vicky continued her passion for communication and story telling as a presenter, reporter and producer in both radio and TV, as a writer and journalist and in a workshop setting as a facilitator and speaker.

Vicky has recently been trained to provide cover for the assistant producer role on Pick of The Pops on Radio 2, as well as this, she produces the Early Breakfast show for BBC Essex which has led her to comment daily on air for a feature, works as an assistant producer on the Breakfast Show and is a reporter for the Mid Morning show. As well as this, Vicky has co-presented BBC Essex Quest, and her voice can be heard on the news in voice pieces, as well as a voice over in “Around The Wicket“, the seasonal cricket show on BBC Essex. She also produces, presents and edits her own podcast called “Let’s Go Kickass Today” combining her passions in life of Music, Adventure and Culture.

In the past, she has broadcast traffic for BBC Essex, BBC Solent, Eagle Radio, Talk Sport, KLFM and Jack Oxford, as well as worked as a producer for Love Sport Radio and Eagle Radio, as a presenter for eagle3, KLFM, Mi-Soul Radio, Women’s Radio Station and RoundHouse Radio. Highlights from some of her experiences in radio are; co-hosting the Breakfast show with George Kay for a year on Mi-Soul Radio, supporting unsigned musicians on her evening show on eagle3, talking all things travel on her “Solo Ventures with Vicky” show on Women’s Radio Station and reporting live from a waxing salon whilst getting her legs waxed for BBC Essex. 

In addition to radio, Vicky is currently researching and presenting at events across London for Winkball. Highlights include reporting on Eid Festival, interviewing DJ Spen at Southport Weekender, learning to DJ at the We Are Robots Festival and interviewing journalists at the 2018 News Rewired Digital Conference sponsored by Thomson Reuters.


Vicky’s storytelling also transfers into a workshop setting; facilitating workshops and giving talks focusing on empowering its participants with basic drama skills, issue based work, or highlighting various forms of storytelling across media and the creative arts. This has led her work for a number of companies such as Bush Theatre, NCS The Challenge and Freshwater Theatre Company. Highlights of her career in the arts include; performing at the UEFA Championship final as a dancer at Wembley in 2011, dancing in a flash mob for the Royal Ballet, facilitating introductory radio workshops on behalf of Eagle Radio and facilitating creative workshops in prison.

On paper, Vicky continuously pens her travel experiences, reactions to current affairs and interviews musicians and artists for a number of various online magazines and companies, as well as writing on this website. Highlights include; interviewing musician Jorrel on using music as a catharsis after suffering from domestic abuse for Public Pressure and interviewing members of the homeless community in Camden for an article on the homelessness crisis for Trine Magazine.

Vicky’s diverse skill set highlights her versatility and vast imagination, and her infectious enthusiasm for life and creative energy drives her purpose behind her practice, which she brings to all aspects of her work.

Throughout all the platforms which Vicky works on, she aims to provide a voice to the voiceless, encouraging and empowering people to speak out on topics she feels passionate about such as; humanitarian values, international news, world affairs, travel, adventure, extreme sports, culture, women’s rights, music, arts and the justice system.

Having travelled solo since she was 12 and beginning to backpack to far corners of the globe since the age of 18, Vicky is no stranger to adrenaline, adventure and adaptability. She believes in living life to the full which constantly challenges her own being and enjoys inspiring others to do the same, because of this, she’s created a trending hashtag: #LetsGoKickAssToday. You can find out what is on her bucket list by clicking here.


Reporting, Presenting with Radio using Zetta/Myriad/DIRA, Presenting with TV using a Green Screen and Auto-Cues, Podcast Production and Editing, Experience with uploading onto Podcast Platforms, Radio Production/Editing using Radioman/Quick Edit/Adobe Audition/Burli/DIRA/ENPS/Open Media, Video Editing using Premier Pro/IMovie, Picture Editing using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Interviewing, Understanding of the OFCOM broadcasting code, Researching, Sourcing and Writing Travel News, Creative Writing, Script Writing, Feature Writing, Cue Writing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing with Canva, Website Management using USMI/CMS, Organising Newsletters via Mail Chimp, Customer Service, Blogging with WordPress, Hosting Events and Talks, Workshop Facilitation, Drama Teaching, Confident to self produce, self present, self shoot, self edit.

Want to work together? Email: vickyecarter@gmail.com


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Vicky
    I worry about you but think you are brilliant and I am proud to be your granddad.
    Love GD


    1. awww thanks granpa!! no need to worry so much I’m much more fierce than I look! love you xxx


  2. hey Victoria what a beautiful website ! You are so clever. I am reading avidly. Christine T. xxx


  3. wow, I enjoyed the read………..


  4. I listened to your podcast on thelmaandlouise.com and enjoyed it very much. Like you I found travelling around India by public transport enormous fun. I’ll certainly be reading your blog in the future and hope to pick up some tips for my own travels, although, alas, they will be of much shorter duration.


    1. Yes, it really is an adventure on public transport! Thanks so much that’s very kind, I promise in August I will smarten my blog up a bit (too busy travelling hahah) and dont worry, it doesn’t matter about time- as long as you enjoy yourself!


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