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Orchid Festival 2018

The 2018 Orchid Festival was inspired by Thailand this year and with 6 months of serious hard work and over 6, 500 orchids used in creation of this beautiful festival at Kew Gardens, I look at their stunning handiwork for Winkball:

Creative Arts, Creative Arts, Latest Projects

Reporting on La Soiree

The naughtiest play in London is back, and not just at South Bank, but this year La Soiree graced the West End. I reviewed the spectacular performance a few years ago for a London based magazine and so I expected the same acts, but no, I was taken aback by the sheer brilliance (and nerves of steel) the performers had delivering their new and wonderful acts.

The show is filled with talent, humour and outrageous behaviour. Here is my report on the performance for Winkball:

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Lumiere London

Recently, I reported on London’s biggest arts festival, Lumiere London 2018. In it’s second year, it came back bigger and better then before. With 50 installations dotted all over London, members of the public spent their evenings battling the elements and exploring various pieces of art work and installation, all for free.

I report on it for Winkball.

Creative Arts, Creative Arts, Latest Projects

Filming at the Rose Wylie Exhibit

Rose Wylie is an artist that creates art with more depth than when first meets the eye. At first glance her work can seem quite basic and observational, however studying her art a little closer you realise images symbolise various elements, which I find fascinating. I was enthralled to learn that at 82 her work was showcased at the Serpentine Slacker Gallery, I hope I can continue to do what I love at her age too!

Watch the full report for Winkball below!