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Looking back at 2017

Wow. 2017 has been an incredible year.

A year filled full of grafting and hard work, a year filled with new places of work and a year filled with life lessons.

It has been my first full year as a freelancer and despite some days of exhaustion, frantically living exactly by my diary and feeling sometimes a little confused what day of the week or where exactly I need to be working, I am happy to have made it.

During the start of the frosty months of 2017, I worked for  KLFM as a drive time cover presenter, started a new part time position as a traffic broadcaster at INRIX Media, and had my first professional TV presenter job for a corporate company. Then, summer rolled through and I left the beloved Mi-Soul Radio station as breakfast co-host and started working for Winkball Video as a presenter and producer (alongside my positions at Eagle Radio and eagle3). As the autumn leaves began to fall, I left part time teaching at Wemms Education to focus more on my freelance work, building on the relationship I already have with freelance drama companies, and as frost started to freeze, I began to develop my passions for music, creative arts and culture, through presenting and producing TV features in London.

My life has evolved similar to the seasons, a constant cycle of change and renewal. It was with great sadness to leave Mi-Soul Radio, Wemms Education, Super 8 Stage and Screen and Dandelion Theatre Arts, but I was over joyed to work with KLFM, INRIX Media, Bush Theatre, Winkball and NCS The Challenge. I have enjoyed continuing to deepen my relationship working at Eagle Radio and eagle3, further pushing my love for local radio.

Life has been quite a challenge at times for me in 2017, with multiple life decisions to be made somewhat daily, gaining a running injury and having to cut out of a marathon earlier than planned, and facing a break up.

But…I have met some incredibly inspiring people not only within the media industry who have pushed me to continue to chase my dream, but travellers from all over the world who have made me recognise that your own life is what you make it, your decisions are yours and yours only.

And so here is my year in numbers:

Bucket List Ticked Off

  1. Held A Tarantula– which actually ended up being really sweet, read the full post here
  2. Flew A Helicopter– a thrilling experience, definitely not one for anyone who doesn’t like heights or gets travel sick!
  3. Travelled to Myanmar– a beautiful country filled with stunning architecture and warm friendly people.


  1. Travelled to Berlin and experienced Berlin nightlife (which is a whole new level).
  2. Ran a (half) marathon in Tromso and cycled around the beautiful woodlands of Oslo in Norway.
  3.  Drove E scooters around the stunning ancient temples of Bagan in Myanmar with fellow solo travellers, which is only one of the highlights of Myanmar!


  1. Facilitated a drama workshop for NCS The Challenge with a group of young people that really challenged themselves by working with elderly people and created a show purely about dance (and dancing) which made me so proud!
  2. Filming at the Audio Production Awards for Winkball and interviewing a number of inspirational professionals from the audio industry, combining my love for audio and TV.
  3. Leaving both a job at Wemms Education and a relationship, that was holding me back.

I am feeling extremely excited, hopeful and positive about 2018, a year I feel, where things will come together a lot more! But with a fresh new leaf, I set myself new challenges and goals which are:

2018 Resolutions

  1. Finish my TV showreels (and share them with the world!)
  2. Continue to pester
  3. Hone in on places of work that value and respect my input- remember less is more (and right now I have more)
  4. Write more- take the time to write more articles and share them with other platforms
  5. Go to more gigs, talks and plays (I went to many art galleries in 2017 but not enough gigs, talks and plays!)
  6. Get back to running again (and continue to go to the gym 3 times a week)
  7. Stress less
  8. Eat less meat, I mean is it really necessary three times a day?
  9. Continue to believe in myself
  10. Make more “me- time”

What are your 2017 highlights or 2018 resolutions? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Flying A Helicopter and Holding a Tarantula (not at the same time)

Well you may be aware that I oddly like to live my life by my bucket list- which does sound strange, living life by a list of things I want to do before I die, but it enables me to live adventurously continuously with an excuse (instead of people thinking I am just that mad with no legitimate reason). If you are interested in reading my full up to date completed list just click here.

In the last few months I have ticked off two things off my bucket list which are both unique and conquer three kinds of fears that many people commonly share: of heights, of flying and of spiders.

Most recently I flew a helicopter for the first time, courtesy of a Christmas present that allowed me to fly with Phoenix Helicopter’s based in Camberley, in Surrey. Having never flown a helicopter before, or even seen one, I was excited about the prospect of doing so. As we stepped closer and closer to the little machine, (Robinson 22 if you are wondering) I realised just how minute this aircraft was- barely any room for any belongings let alone any extra sophisticated gadgets I have seen in many an action film! I was told by Will my instructor, that this machine was known to be “the mosquito of the sky”, famous for its light weight and quaint size. As we began to take off and I gazed at the numerous buttons ahead of me, the propellers began to surge, becoming louder and louder, gaining momentum.

Taking off so rapidly and with such ease was an incredible sensation, one minute we there on the ground and the next we were off, whizzing through the clouds, speeding over tree tops- it was enthralling and an experience like no other. I then got the chance to turn and dip and dive, controlling the speed, direction and height, even trying to hover at one point (which is extremely difficult). For anyone who is thinking of trying, I really can’t recommend it enough- even if you would like to see the world in a new light, travelling by helicopter is fascinating.

Before that I took a day trip down to Drusilla’s Park in East Sussex where I had been given a gift voucher to hold a tarantula (you can see where my family gets their birthday and Christmas ideas for me from). The zoo itself is small and mainly catered towards under ten year olds, filled with interesting facts and fun games (which we enjoyed nonetheless!) The voucher also enables you to bring a guest which means my friend and I were able to check out lots of small mammals like meerkets and ant eaters with very little interruption and queues, which was an enjoyable experience.

We both then met the “spider expert”, a woman who showed us a number of different spiders and creepy crawlies, from the basic garden spider to a tarantula. She was enthusiastic and positive about their enlightening individual defence mechanisms and continued to highlight how little harm they did to us- “they are more scared of you, than you are of them!” So it was lovely to be shown a tarantula by a true enthusiast. Holding the furry lady (the spider!) highlighted just how fragile this little creature is and not one to be afraid of, as many are.  A wonderful experience learning more about such a misunderstood animal!


Why Are We Here?

I know quite a deep and meaningful thought to have on your average Tuesday evening in August. But recently, I was watching a film with my family (Passenger’s if you are wondering) which my dad commented on that the male character who Chris Pratt was playing, was following through our sole purpose in life: to find a mate and well, mate.

But is that really true? Is our sole purpose in life, why we are placed on this earth, to create more of our kind that consumes this world, eating up our resources and ruining our natural world? Man cannot be placed on this earth, merely to just spread his seeds to create more? Or women to merely be the carriers of our future generation and to mother their offspring?

No, I think the real purpose of our life is to change the world for the better, enriching others on our own life journey. Each individual person has their unique life purpose, varying in style, pattern and direction- some may not even have a purpose but merely ramble the world in awe of its beauty. Some may inspire others, spread positivism and happiness or help others through their work.

How can you reproduce and create more people- adding to the world and the strain of our resources, if you are indeed not happy? Imagine creating more unhappy, negative- evil even- people, contaminating the world with their thoughts and actions. I feel that if we focused more on the world we have now- and who’s already in it- changing it and improving it for a more sustainable and positive outcome, it is a much more proactive attitude for our future generations.

We should look at saving lives; uplifting lives or merely being happy through our own lives doing what we love- if that’s through travel, or working as a doctor, or even having a family, whatever that may be, but finding a partner and settling down shouldn’t be our main priority.

I believe, living our lives to the full and being happy, is the main purpose of our being.


Maybe I believe this perspective because I have recently left a relationship which consumed me, becoming my world and stepping out of this, has made me recognise that there is more to life, then in fact our partners. Yes, it’s left me raw and tender, but hell it’s made me stronger in not giving up my own hopes and dreams, ambitions and goals. I realised I lost my true self, my inner being, and now I can focus on what I want in life.

Yes, it’s hard to fall in love and stay strong to your own beliefs, ideals and aspirations without compromising for another, without balancing your thoughts to work with theirs. But not only has this relationship taught me about who I am and what I want in life, but it’s retaught me how to live my life.

So, I’m going to keep being happy and positive about what I do have, and not what I don’t have and hopefully inspiring others, and if I accidentally find love again- this time, I won’t lose myself in the process.


My Highlights of 2016

2016 has been an emotional roller coaster for me, honestly.

With it being my first whole year actually embracing the real world and trying to tap into my future career- after being a student and someone working just to save and scarper for so long, I have found life challenging at times. Challenging, because I am just starting out on my journey of life and for many of my friends, they are already successful within their careers and well established.

At points I’ve wanted to pack a bag and run to South America, to avoid the idea of paying for a mortgage or having to deal with those awkward chats at work at the water fountain- or in my case, the kitchen. At times I’ve questioned, is this something that I really want to do, to settle down to routine and normality?

Shark Cage Diving

I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter where I am or what I do, I will never be “settled”. I will always want to go on adventurous trips abroad, to explore far flung corners of the world rather than an “easy” holiday. I will always aim to try and challenge myself with new hobbies or new interests, to push myself in a new way.

Just the challenge I have to face now is getting a full time position doing what I love. As I have realised, all the fun interesting jobs- have high competition. What doesn’t work in my favour is that I am not someone to push another human out the way for a job opportunity; I am more likely to offer to help them up and encourage them to go for it, which obviously, isn’t the best frame of mind in the media industry.

Eagle Radio

Although 2016 has not been as filled with travel as much as I had hoped, and a year of endings and new beginnings, I am thankful for being able to spend it with my wonderful boyfriend- which is a new aspect for me to have in my life, finally being with a prince charming after so many ugly frogs.

In short, 2016 you have been one of the best years of my life, and below are my favourite moments of this year.


  1. Taking my boyfriend to my favourite tapas restaurant in Spain. I love the tapas there and I never thought I would bring a date there!
  2. Driving a rental car through the windy rural roads of Iceland with my mum. The scenery was stunning and with good music playing, the atmosphere was perfect and we easily pulled over whenever we wanted to take a picture.
  3.  Snowboarding in Val D ’Isere was a definite highlight this year. I haven’t      gone snowboarding properly in 10 years and it was so nice to be able to       carve and slide down an incredibly scenic part of France.

Stunning View Over The Town



  1. Being given the opportunity to present on both Eagle 3 and Mi-Soul, allowing me to flourish as a radio presenter and have fun!
  2. When I officially became a freelancer and to have various companies want to work with me. It’s not only made me realize my self-worth; my intelligence and creativity, but also is an integral step in establishing my career.
  3. On one of my days off I was looking after my boyfriend’s puppy and was walking him in a national park near to me. The break from work and computer screens, the smell of fresh air, and the silence made me fully appreciate that moment of complete bliss: the smells and sights of nature, a happy puppy and me.

Walking Duke

Although 2016 has been tough for me at times, I look to the future with hope and optimism. With regards to my career, it can only improve whilst I continue to explore areas of work I enjoy, growing and learning what is right for me. Which means… more money to travel; have adventures, and enjoy more gigs, and more importantly, less financial stress!

Here’s to 2017!