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10 Songs To Help You Through Heartache

We’ve all been there, broken hearted after a painful break up and needing some consolation. Luckily, every music artist creates music about making up and breaking up, so here’s some music to help you through what you think is the worst thing to happen in your life- but believe me, it isn’t.

  1. Elton John- I’m still standing

2. Aretha Franklin- Respect

3.  Adele- Someone like you

4.  Gloria Gaynor- I will survive

5. Gabrielle- Rise

6. Tina Turner- When the heartache is over

7.  Sigrid- Don’t kill my vibe

8. Alma- Karma

9. Coax- Over it

10.  Kanye West- Stronger

These songs are my own personal favourites, although there are so many out there for you to choose from!

All sources of audio and video are not my property and belong to YouTube and Soundcloud.


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The Price of Creativity

An article I recently wrote for the music magazine: Public Pressure, on the interlinking illnesses that affects a large majority of the general public- Mental illness, and creativity, specifically the music industry, and how it affects those in it.

Take a look here.

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Being “Real” in Gangsta Rap

I wrote an article about perception in the Hip Hop industry about being “real” and “gangsta”, what the connotations of this image brought on the artist and the industry.

The article was written for Public Pressure, please feel free to read it here.