Flying Over London

If you ever want to fall in love with a city, I suggest you take a helicopter flight over the area and view its organised chaos from above. Many locals fall out of love for their city, it could be because of the extortionate prices of living, the continuous traffic jams on every street corner, … More Flying Over London

Maldon Mud Race

Ever heard of a group of people running through wet sinking mud in low tide? Well that is what you do at the Maldon Mud Race, dashing through 500 metres of thick mud over the bed of the River Blackwater. The race began in 1973 when a regular at a local pub was challenged to … More Maldon Mud Race

An Aerobatic Flight

This feat is definitely not for the faint hearted nor for those who get sick easily! You might be wandering what actually consists of an aerobatic flight, well it involves the pilot to undertake nose dives, barrel rolls, loops, and all sorts of tricks in the air which will leave you gaping with awe and … More An Aerobatic Flight