Interviewing Jazzanova

I spoke to Alex from Jazzanova at the Southport Weekender Festival for Winkball; we spoke about the festival, his creative process making music and the music scene in Berlin compared to London. Alex was lovely and to check out snippets of his performance, watch the full Southport Weekender Festival video here.

Interviewing DJ Spen

I interviewed the legendary and iconic house DJ, DJ Spen at Southport Weekender Festival for Winkball. We spoke about his expansive career, his hectic summer schedule, and how he found Southport Weekender- all whilst a merry festival go-er tried to grind on the both of us throughout the interview, definitely the most interesting interview I … More Interviewing DJ Spen

Reporting on We Are Robots

I reported recently on the We Are Robots Music Festival for Winkball, situated in the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, East London. The four day festival was an exploration of the innovation of music and showcased an array of specialist equipment that any music lover would admire, engaging conferences and live music gigs. I … More Reporting on We Are Robots