Nepal Travel Video

I loved Nepal. The ornate temples, stunning natural sights of towering mountains and harmonious lakes that fill the skyline, and not to mention the variety of extreme sports. In this video I combine my passion for TV presenting, with my love for travel, in my first travel video ever. Have a watch and let me … More Nepal Travel Video

Couchsurfing in Kathmandu

Speaking to many backpackers about Kathmandu before I had arrived in Kathmandu, created a negative idea of what the city would be like. Coming from quiet, sleepy and calming Lumbini to Kathmandu was more of a shock to the system. Yes its dirty, dusty and congested, with people consistently hawking for your attention and throwing … More Couchsurfing in Kathmandu

Mosquitoes in Lumbini

4 public buses, a taxi and 10 and a half hours later, I had arrived in Lumbini. I had been told that I was able to stay at the Korean temple within the temple complex, and with staying in a Buddhist temple being on my bucket list, I immediately headed there. Stepping away from the … More Mosquitoes in Lumbini

Parahawking in Pokhara

  Pokhara is an Asian Queenstown, a town that is centered around a beautiful calm lake with a serene mountain backdrop. The still rippled azure horizon of the lake reflects the snow hooded mountains that creep out of the ensnaring mist, slopes of all different sizes and lengths, a horizon that resembles a monitor rate … More Parahawking in Pokhara