Magical Melbourne

Melbourne is my favourite city in Australia, and one of my favourite cities in the world. Why? Melbourne is dynamic, its has character and flair. Its cosmopolitan vibe is exemplified through the numerous hip hidden bars and individual restaurants, whilst the city is defined by its every growing arts and cultural scene. Melbourne is a … More Magical Melbourne

Sydney: A Sunny London?

Sydney was heaven for us. As my Aunt lives in Sydney, we were able to skip expensive hostels and stay in her lovely apartment overlooking the harbour. We had home cooked meals, drank wine that cost more than 5 dollars a bottle, and even had our own pool where we could recover from Sydney’s wild … More Sydney: A Sunny London?

Surfing in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is known as the surfing capital of Australia- the land of surf, which means essentially, Byron Bay is at the forefront of the surfing community. Here, endless breaks pile on the calm beaches of Byron Bay, and unlike Bondi Beach, it doesn’t matter how well your surf, or what waves you conquer, but … More Surfing in Byron Bay