Gelato in Firenze

Florence, or “Firenze”, as it is commonly known as, is as an artists day dream. A historians haven. A philosopher’s paradise. Tourists wander around this magical city as if in a daze, with their minds overflowing, boggling with the sheer amount and value of appreciation to what they see before them. Everything is so beautiful, … More Gelato in Firenze

Espresso in Milano

Milan is, metaphorically speaking, the knee high glossy leather boot that Italy is shaped as. It is the heel tip of Italy, in elegance, style and panache. Known as the city of design and fashion, and home to the ever growing Italian economy, Milan is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, where even if you don’t … More Espresso in Milano

Pila in Aosta Valley

Heading on a jam packed school coach at the age of 14 to Pila in Northern Italy, was not my way of usual travel. In fact, I had never (before this point) travelled for a long distance by bus anywhere. I had before flown everywhere, accustomed to the expat lifestyle in Bahrain and the glamorous … More Pila in Aosta Valley

Seen In Sardinia

Sardinia is a rugged Mediterranean island filled with natural surprises, sweeping coastlines and surrounded by a deep blue emerald sea. Lying between Italian Sicily and the French Corisca, many overlook this destination for its neighbours, but why so? Being a significantly large island, it is perfect for anyone who likes to explore just by renting … More Seen In Sardinia