Waffles in Hamburg

Hamburg is home to Europe’s second largest port and you can really sense the grand scale of transportation when you arrive. The bustling port fronts the city acting as a gateway from the river to the various neighbourhoods which seep back further and further into the city. Towering churches unique in shape and grandeur rise … More Waffles in Hamburg

Exploring Montserrat

I head to Montserrat to find out about the Soufriere Hills Volcano, the devastation it caused on the island and how that impacted the local community and tourism. I learn about the resilience of the people and how they picked themselves up and continue to create a warm atmosphere on the island, making it the perfect … More Exploring Montserrat

Marriage in Montserrat

Fancy visiting a Caribbean island that still retains its rustic charm? Then Montserrat is the place. Arriving from the popular and developed island of Antigua, Montserrat seems to take you back in time, and most importantly, slow down your pace of life too. Colourful shops line the sides of streets whilst shop keepers wait patiently … More Marriage in Montserrat