Hpa An: A Destination for the Committed Traveller

Nestled down in the depths of the South East of the vast country of Myanmar, Hpa An is a destination that only the committed travellers venture down to. Its arduous journey and distance from the capital, as well as the main backpacker route, means when talking about this destination, you receive many blank expressions. Needless … More Hpa An: A Destination for the Committed Traveller

Buddhist Borobudur

A must visit whilst in Yogyakarta is Borobudur. Known as the “centre of the earth” and being one of the most beautiful temple complexes in South East Asia, as well as one of the most important Buddhist sights in the world, it makes my list of top three temples. Made out of grey pumice like … More Buddhist Borobudur

Mosquitoes in Lumbini

4 public buses, a taxi and 10 and a half hours later, I had arrived in Lumbini. I had been told that I was able to stay at the Korean temple within the temple complex, and with staying in a Buddhist temple being on my bucket list, I immediately headed there. Stepping away from the … More Mosquitoes in Lumbini