BBC Guernsey Documentary: The Future of Guernsey French

I created a 30 minute radio documentary – produced and presented by me, for BBC Radio Guernsey. The focus was on the unique language of Guernésiais, otherwise known as Guernsey French, which many people on the island argue, is dying out. I interviewed language experts, politicians, consultants, teachers, and speakers, about the future of the … More BBC Guernsey Documentary: The Future of Guernsey French

Life’s Second Chances

I researched and produced an hour long special dedicated to having a “A Second Chance at Life” for BBC Essex. Due to its powerful message, a part of the audio will now be networked titled “Life’s Second Chances” and aired on all 39 BBC local radio stations between 10-11am and 6-7pm on Easter Sunday with … More Life’s Second Chances

Aphasia on Zoom

During lockdown, I researched, produced, presented and edited my own 30 minute audio documentary on a subject that is personal to me. As you are probably aware if you read this website or follow me on social media, my Mum had a stroke when I was 4 and has aphasia. During lockdown, I have seen … More Aphasia on Zoom