Accessibility in Guernsey for the BBC

After hearing reports of an individual who wouldn’t be looked after because of their disability, I researched and produced a programme looking at accessibility in Guernsey. The individual’s comments were revoiced, I had live guests of a wheelchair user and their partner describing what life was like for them navigating around town, and Karen Blanchford, … More Accessibility in Guernsey for the BBC

The Truth About Myanmar

The Truth When telling others of my urge to travel to Myanmar, I received horrified looks, firstly for my safety, and secondly if I had any moral fibre within my body- why would I want to visit a country where rape, murder and brutality are more common than I cared to admit? Why would I … More The Truth About Myanmar

1 in 4

I wrote interviewed an incredible music artist named Jorrel for an article with the magazine Public Pressure. It focuses on his violent upbringing and his trauma from domestic violence which he has channelled into this storytelling cathartic songs. It’s a good one. Really.