Interviewing Jazzanova

I spoke to Alex from Jazzanova at the Southport Weekender Festival for Winkball; we spoke about the festival, his creative process making music and the music scene in Berlin compared to London. Alex was lovely and to check out snippets of his performance, watch the full Southport Weekender Festival video here.

Interviews from the News Rewired Digital Conference

I reported on the News Rewired Digital Journalism Conference for Winkball at Thomson Reuters in Canary Wharf, and here are a few of my favourite interviews from the day. I speak to Peter Stewart about the advantages and practicalities of live streaming; Jessica Best from De Correspondent about the new style of journalism her newspaper … More Interviews from the News Rewired Digital Conference

On The Path To Greatness

An even more recent interview with Bo Keeney, the artist I have interviewed now three times! Have a read of this article I wrote for Public Pressure on his journey as a musician in the ever changing music industry.