Street Art- And Why I Love It So

I recently wrote an article about the beauty behind Street Art and what a powerful artistic medium it is; what it can symbolise, and the impact it has on a place, for the magazine and label, Public Pressure. In particular I look at; Bristol, Prague, Varanasi and Malacca in Malaysia. Read it by clicking this.

The Top Ten Breakfasts You Should Wake Up To

I wrote an article about my favourite Top Ten Breakfasts from around the globe for The News Hub. String Hoppers What: String Hoppers are parcels of goodness made out of rice meal or wheat flour. Forming small discs in a stringy texture that resembles spaghetti, the hoppers are cooked together tightly.  Traditionally hoppers is served … More The Top Ten Breakfasts You Should Wake Up To

Magical Melaka

Melaka has recently acquired the joint title of a UNESCO world heritage site with Georgetown, Penang, and wandering through the petite narrow streets of the old town you can see why. The small quirky town exudes calm vibes, it has a colourful history and unique heritage roots. The city itself of Melaka is like any … More Magical Melaka