Skiing in Switzerland

Switzerland is beautiful. No matter what season you visit, you will be astounded by the spectacular scenery that blooms around you. Whether it be aquamarine lakes that sparkle in the sunshine, the world of green that blossoms over rolling hills and staggering mountains, or the snow that blankets the picturesque boxed chalets that lie next … More Skiing in Switzerland

Honeymooners in Manali

Manali is in Himchal Pradesh, north of Dharamshala, south of the state Jammu and Kashmir, and neighbour to China. It is a honeymooners paradise, couples flock here after their arranged weddings and cling to each other for warmth, sipping chai by the fire and posing for pictures in the snow. Going in February meant that … More Honeymooners in Manali

Freeze Festival

In 2009 I went to London’s Freeze Festival at Battersea power station, which is a three day event in the midst of the power station, immersed with the eclectic feel of being on a mountain in a ski resort. This dynamic festival combines professionals on boards doing magnificent jumps and twists on a massive ski … More Freeze Festival