Leech Bites in Kalaw

Coming from Inle Lake; Kalaw is a haven, a safe space to rest the soul and clear the mind. Founded as a hill station by the British (we get around), the air is cool and refreshes those that visit, reminding travellers of the diverse climates within Myanmar. There is little to do in the town … More Leech Bites in Kalaw

Bumps in Bohol

Bohol is known for its phenomenally shaped landscape similar to lady lumps or camel humps: the chocolate hills. Hills rise up in the sky on grassy plains and form an unusual yet sublime landscape. Arriving at the chocolate hills you are welcomed by sweet voices of singing and dancing school children all in unison, whom … More Bumps in Bohol

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is famous around the world for its fantastic number of treks. Treks are dotted all over and among the Himalayas, varying in length, difficulty and landscapes. If visiting Nepal, a trek is a compulsory must do- even if it is just a day trek that surrounds Kathmandu valley, it is a tourist attraction that … More Trekking in Nepal