Lockdown Part One

Although I spent the first initial lockdown from March in the UK going through a break up, continuing to wake up at 3:30am for work, being harassed by my neighbour and suffering from PTSD from a traumatic accident, I also had some wonderful moments too. I decided to create a video of some of these … More Lockdown Part One

Escaping to Cornwall

Cornwall is the perfect escape. Escaping from the smog of London, the chaos of a newsroom and the restrictions of shared housing, I headed to Cornwall for my 27th birthday. The more distance I gained from any reminders of work, the pressures of everyday life and anyone I knew, the freer and calmer I was … More Escaping to Cornwall

Laziness in Gibraltar

Gibraltar really is an odd place. It’s a collision of two lifestyles, two European countries, that are so inherently different, it just doesn’t seem to blend that well. I felt like I was constantly on an all-inclusive holiday for Brits abroad, but over a whole country. It was bizarre seeing numerous pubs serving up British … More Laziness in Gibraltar