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Looking back at 2017

Wow. 2017 has been an incredible year.

A year filled full of grafting and hard work, a year filled with new places of work and a year filled with life lessons.

It has been my first full year as a freelancer and despite some days of exhaustion, frantically living exactly by my diary and feeling sometimes a little confused what day of the week or where exactly I need to be working, I am happy to have made it.

During the start of the frosty months of 2017, I worked for  KLFM as a drive time cover presenter, started a new part time position as a traffic broadcaster at INRIX Media, and had my first professional TV presenter job for a corporate company. Then, summer rolled through and I left the beloved Mi-Soul Radio station as breakfast co-host and started working for Winkball Video as a presenter and producer (alongside my positions at Eagle Radio and eagle3). As the autumn leaves began to fall, I left part time teaching at Wemms Education to focus more on my freelance work, building on the relationship I already have with freelance drama companies, and as frost started to freeze, I began to develop my passions for music, creative arts and culture, through presenting and producing TV features in London.

My life has evolved similar to the seasons, a constant cycle of change and renewal. It was with great sadness to leave Mi-Soul Radio, Wemms Education, Super 8 Stage and Screen and Dandelion Theatre Arts, but I was over joyed to work with KLFM, INRIX Media, Bush Theatre, Winkball and NCS The Challenge. I have enjoyed continuing to deepen my relationship working at Eagle Radio and eagle3, further pushing my love for local radio.

Life has been quite a challenge at times for me in 2017, with multiple life decisions to be made somewhat daily, gaining a running injury and having to cut out of a marathon earlier than planned, and facing a break up.

But…I have met some incredibly inspiring people not only within the media industry who have pushed me to continue to chase my dream, but travellers from all over the world who have made me recognise that your own life is what you make it, your decisions are yours and yours only.

And so here is my year in numbers:

Bucket List Ticked Off

  1. Held A Tarantula– which actually ended up being really sweet, read the full post here
  2. Flew A Helicopter– a thrilling experience, definitely not one for anyone who doesn’t like heights or gets travel sick!
  3. Travelled to Myanmar– a beautiful country filled with stunning architecture and warm friendly people.


  1. Travelled to Berlin and experienced Berlin nightlife (which is a whole new level).
  2. Ran a (half) marathon in Tromso and cycled around the beautiful woodlands of Oslo in Norway.
  3.  Drove E scooters around the stunning ancient temples of Bagan in Myanmar with fellow solo travellers, which is only one of the highlights of Myanmar!


  1. Facilitated a drama workshop for NCS The Challenge with a group of young people that really challenged themselves by working with elderly people and created a show purely about dance (and dancing) which made me so proud!
  2. Filming at the Audio Production Awards for Winkball and interviewing a number of inspirational professionals from the audio industry, combining my love for audio and TV.
  3. Leaving both a job at Wemms Education and a relationship, that was holding me back.

I am feeling extremely excited, hopeful and positive about 2018, a year I feel, where things will come together a lot more! But with a fresh new leaf, I set myself new challenges and goals which are:

2018 Resolutions

  1. Finish my TV showreels (and share them with the world!)
  2. Continue to pester
  3. Hone in on places of work that value and respect my input- remember less is more (and right now I have more)
  4. Write more- take the time to write more articles and share them with other platforms
  5. Go to more gigs, talks and plays (I went to many art galleries in 2017 but not enough gigs, talks and plays!)
  6. Get back to running again (and continue to go to the gym 3 times a week)
  7. Stress less
  8. Eat less meat, I mean is it really necessary three times a day?
  9. Continue to believe in myself
  10. Make more “me- time”

What are your 2017 highlights or 2018 resolutions? Let me know in the comments below! 



Alex Vladev, Content Controller for Viking FM
“It was good to meet you and your demo and enthusiasm for radio was impressive.  With your level of dedication to developing a broadcasting career, I am certain it will happen for you.”
Rachel Meir, Operations Director for Found In Music-on Busk In London report for Winkball
“Thanks so much for coming and making this brilliant little video.
It really captures the day. We all love it.”

Gordon Mac, Director of Mi-Soul Radio 

“We have certainly enjoyed and benefited from your contribution, and you will be missed, both by our DJ team and listeners. Thank you for your hard work and commitment. ”

Matt Daines, Producer of The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show   

“Vicky has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. Vicky would be an asset to any organisation, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.”

Scott from Make Believe Guildford Theatre Company

“Your experience and credentials are beyond impressive.”

Wayne from KLFM 96.7489319

“You sound like you’ve been doing it for years (presenting radio).”

Charles Dennett from KLFM 96.7

“It was a pleasure to have you in – you’ve got a real talent.”

Matt from Super 8 Stage and Screen Company

“I like your style, I like the way you teach.”

Carli from Showdown Theatre ArtsShowdown Theatre Arts

“I received so many texts from happy parents last night after your class saying their children enjoyed themselves, thank you once again for your brilliant class!”

Sally Brand, Ashcombe School Summer Transition Workshop  Eagle Extra

“I am a great believer in good work being publicly recognised and wanted you to know how very impressive they both were.  They set a perfect pace-I’m sure you know most 11 year olds have a short concentration span-and the students were never bored.  Their enthusiasm was infectious and we all enjoyed the seemingly endless games they both had up their sleeves!

The students really benefited from the week and are now in a much better position to start at secondary school later this week.  Many of them were extremely anxious and it was lovely to see them grow in confidence over the course of the week.   They are very much on the front foot now-a great place to be.

Well done to Jack and Vicky from us all and a big thank you!”

Lorna D’Arcy, Action For Carers, Workshop For Eagle Extra

“A huge thank you to Karl, Vicky and all at Eagle who helped to make our two events a huge success. It was a pleasure to see the Young Carers grow in confidence as they heard their voices – and confidence building is crucial for some of these vulnerable young people.”

Trudy Waite, Action For Carers, Workshop for Eagle Extra

“We all enjoyed the workshop and feel you were a great facilitator and understood the young people very well.”

Andrea Britton, Head of Social Media and Digital Communications at Mi-Soul


“Vicky works extremely hard and her enthusiasm is utterly refreshing. Consistently eager to help, over and above her duties, she was eager to learn all aspects of the station and brought a real unique energy to the office. We will most definitely miss her!”

Carl Martin, Editor at Trine Magazine

“During her time at Trine Magazine, Victoria very quickly demonstrated her passion and creativity through her writing. It was extremely refreshing to work with someone who expressed enthusiasm and eagerness to create content on numerous occasions. It was a pleasure to work with her throughout all of her time at the magazine.”

Ester Costim, Volunteer Coordinator for Volunteer for the Visayans


“I have known Victoria when she volunteered with us Volunteer for the Visayans in Tacloban city as Media Intern in June 2015. Through social media, she helped us providing important updates to the local and international community on the various activities and programs of the organisation. She has excellent writing skills, flexible, and easy to work with.”

Matt Graveling, Broadcast Journalist & Breakfast Producer at BBC Surrey

“I had the pleasure of working with Victoria at BBC Surrey. She has a real passion for radio and was happy to help with anything required. During her time at BBC Surrey she was hard working, efficient and a joy to be around.”

Harley Ayers, Producer at Insanity Radio

“I had the pleasure of producing Victoria’s show for a term on Insanity Radio. She is a hard working, confident and passionate presenter who is always on point on the radio. Her breakfast show was very popular amongst the listeners and has been hard to replace.”

Rashina Gajjar, Editor at Globe of Love

Globe of Love

“Throughout the time I worked with Victoria, she was extremely hard-working, enthusiastic, and organised. She was a real team player- always ready to participate and get involved with new tasks and team targets. Her writing greatly improved over the course of the internship and her attitude was always exemplary. I wish her every success!”

Polly Bartlett, Fuse TV Manchester Member                    

“Vicky is not only a fantastic presenter and producer but also a super super lovely person; a real gem to work with!”

Rachel Bull, from TiPP


“I supervised and supported Vicky when, as part of her degree, she delivered a three day drama residency in a prison in 2013. She was an asset to the group of five facilitators with whom she worked and was able to take on various roles within the group.

Vicky was a confident and energetic facilitator when leading activities and an enthusiastic and supportive participant when she wasn’t. She was very playful and didn’t take herself too seriously when creating characters and scenes.

Vicky displayed a good depth of knowledge of the practice and the environment as well as an awareness of herself and understanding of reflective practice that displays a great maturity.”




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Modern Figures You Should Feel Inspired By

Here is an article I wrote for the company, Globe Of Love. This company is an online magazine that provides inspiration and positive messages around the globe for everyone. 

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah had a tough childhood in extreme poverty with little support or care from her mother, or the rest of her family. She was sexually abused as a child and fell pregnant at the age of 14. Running away from home, she was accepted into a new school where she focused her strength and energy into education. Throughout her career, Oprah has suffered racist and sexist abuse, however she rose above this, and now receives the recognition she so rightly deserves from her multi award talk show and her string of books, her own radio station and the philanthropy work she does. Oprah’s work creates a more intimate form of media communication, allowing people to express how they really feel. Oprah is one of the most influential and inspirational woman in the world.

Akala is an English rapper, poet and journalist. Akala was a talented mathematician during his youth, but he declined prestigious university offers to follow his dream of having a career in the music industry. Many of Akala’s songs carry deep messages and heavily researched facts with social and political messages that impact a large community. Akala challenges the traditional style of hip hop by incorporating his passion for Shakespeare into his work. He does this by giving talks on behalf of the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company, to illustrate that rap is a powerful form of poetry, a platform that supplies knowledge to many. Akala is a fantastic role model for the wider community to illustrate the essence of Hip Hop and the powerful tool it is, as well as the younger generation to recognise what they are able to achieve.

Eve Ensler
Eve Ensler is most known as the writer behind ‘The Vagina Monologues’, however she is also a performer, feminist and activist. Having been repeatedly sexually and physically abused as a child, Eve did not suffer in silence but rather vented her anger and frustration at the act itself rather than the person who did it. This then spurred her on to write ‘The Vagina Monologues’ and has led her to write numerous plays, and become the founder of V-Day, a global activist movement against the violence of women. Eve illustrates that no matter what you may suffer yourself, there are other people in the world who need your help more.

Jim Carrey
Carrey had a difficult childhood, as at the age of fifteen, his father lost his job and so Carrey was forced to drop out of school to help support his family through their economic hardship. His father supported his aspirations and although he faced a number of rejections, Carrey continued to develop his craft and he finally began gaining paid shows for his comedy. Carrey then turned to television and film for gigs, however he had ill luck until he had his break through with the comedic movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Carrey is a strong believer in the “law of attraction” which involves focusing and visualising positive thoughts which then leads you to gain the positive result that you had hoped for. Jim Carrey has taught us that no matter what people say about you chasing your dreams, if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything.

Nick Vujicic
Vujicic is an Australian evangelist who was born with no limbs. As a child he struggled to cope mentally, emotionally and physically with this disability. However, undeterred he created his own non-profit organisation called “Life Without Limbs”. He presents motivational speeches worldwide on life with a disability, how to stay hopeful through it all, and finding the meaning in life. Vujuicic is an example of someone who is strong and will use their own lessons in life to help others. He has never given up and still lives an incredible life, even surfing and playing football. It makes us question why we should ever feel down about the small things in life, as there are much larger, more difficult hardships in life you could face. And Vujicic has conquered them.

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder was born blind and never let his lack of sight hold him back from following his dream to become a talented musician. By the age of 11, Wonder had his first music contract, highlighting to all that Wonder was a child genius. Wonder uses his music to combat issues, such as ignorance towards the black community demonstrated by Wonder appealing for Martin Luther King’s Birthday to be a national holiday with the release of his popular track, “Happy Birthday.”

JK Rowling
JK Rowling lost her mother shortly after graduating from University to multiple sclerosis. Rowling then moved to Portugal, where she fell into an abusive marriage. Soon after, Rowling moved back to the UK where she was a single mother for her child. Rowling felt like a failure with no job, no marriage and a child to look after, so as a result she soon became clinically depressed and contemplated suicide. Rowling wrote her novel and after many rejection letters, her novel was bought by a publisher and the rest of her story is history. From rags to multimillion status, JK Rowling has transformed the modern day face of literature, and has inspired the younger generation to read more. She has also donated vast amounts of her wealth to charity, helping others who are in a similar situation she once was.

Sean Swarner
Sean Swarner was diagnosed with two different deadly forms of cancer, one at the age of thirteen and the other at sixteen. After an incredibly poor prognosis the medical community were astounded when Sean battled against cancer and survived. With one lung, 14 days to live and being in a medically induced coma for a year, Sean not only defeated cancer twice, but also gave himself a different challenge to reach the peak of Mt. Everest. He has now completed all seven peaks and is facing even more challenges redefining how the world sees success and illustrating that there are no limitations to what we are capable of achieving.

Muhammad Ali
Ali is a professional boxer who is not only regarded for his skills within the ring, but also his values outside the ring. These values are: religious freedom, racial justice and social activism. Ali refused to enrol for the Vietnam War because of his stance on the war and his religious positioning with Allah. In between his sentencing he gave powerful speeches on the civil rights movement and the anti-Vietnam war movement. Ali was even sent to negotiate with Saddam Hussein in the gulf war. Ali is a face who will always be remembered who physically shook faces within the ring, and outside the ring, emotionally shook the US towards an equal and just society.

All pictures in this article, have been taken from each person’s Twitter account and are useable images, however I do not own any copyright to them.